Rooms not Tents!

In Innsbruck, on Saturday November 12, 2022, around 50 activists demonstrated in front of a closed hotel in the Pradl district against too much empty living space and partially occupied the hotel. Of course, the Street Noise Orchestra was there with our musical support.

What is "Pradl for everyone!"?

While refugees have to live in mass accommodation and tent camps, in Innsbruck every tenth apartment is empty. The cast of "Pradl for everyone!" wants to open up vacant living space and make it accessible to those who are homeless or have to live in lousy conditions. Because Tyrol has space.

We demand a dignified life for all people in Austria.

By this we always mean refugees and migrants. A life in dignity means that all basic needs are met and that health care, a safe place to live, freedom of movement, self-determination, political participation and protection against discrimination are given.

We demand rooms/apartments for everyone in Austria.

A home means heating, hot water, sanitary facilities, waste disposal, privacy and access to public life. Vacancies in Tyrol that meet these requirements should be made available. Tents, barracks, containers or warehouses are not homes!

We demand free choice of place of residence and freedom of movement for all people in Austria.

No constant ID or document checks in the accommodations, no external determination through allocation of place of residence and no detention pending deportation or isolation in return centers. The basic supply is used again and again to blackmail refugees into adhering to inhuman rules - we won't put up with that any longer!

We demand access for everyone to the BBU camps.

Refugees should be allowed to have visitors and their living conditions should not be withheld from civil society. Friends, journalists, independent legal advisers or medical personnel must not be denied access!

In 2020 the hotel was bought by a developer known for building luxury apartments. Instead of creating social housing, the city approved a rededication at the time. Once again, profit is more important than people. For equal treatment and a dignified life for everyone!

Twitter: @pradlfueralle

Homepage: Pradl für Alle!


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