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Come join us in the streets!

  • Jubiläums-Streetparty 50 Jahre z6

    • Zentrum für Jugendarbeit Z6
    • Dreiheiligenstrasse 9, Innsbruck
    • July 5, 2024, 7:30 p.m.
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Besuch vom ORF

Das StreetNoise Orchestra bekam Besuch vom ORF beim Stadtspielen.

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The StreetNoise Orchestra (SNO) has been bringing musical excitement to the streets of Innsbruck, Austria and Europe since 2014. As an activist street band, the right to artistic expression for everyone everywhere is what we stand for: Everyone can make noise outside – the city is our stage and we bring the groove to the streets!

Our musical menu is a lively blend of global folk tunes, modern hits, and snazzy originals. Our sets fizz with klezmer, Balkan brassy , a dollop of funk, Latin grooves, and a punky twist. Discover our repertoire!

With our performances, we support emancipatory cultural and social justice events and amplify much needed voices. The SNO celebrates a grassroots brass band style that shakes your booty, aims straight for the heart and captures the imagination: wild, tender, combative and irresistible.

Who are we?

We are groove to take away. Raucous & strong. Supporters of life out loud.

We play outside. For everyone. At eye level.

We champion racial, gender, social, environmental, and labor justice, striving for equality in every beat.

We promote peace with non-violent direct action.

We remain an independent collective without external funding. (so, you know, we're always jazzed about getting some fair pay or a bit of hat-passing cash.)

© Kuro Simon
©Kuro Simon

Want to play outside?

We're always happy about new musicians. You are motivated?

Here's some information for you:

What about the instruments?

Everyone brings his/her own instrument. For committed members, instrument insurance is provided.

What about the sheet music?

We play according to sheet music that we arrange for our individual capabilities. But we also improvise. Everyone as they wish or can. At gigs, however, we play by heart.

I am not a professional...

We have all enjoyed musical education for a while and master our instruments pretty well. However, we are not professionals! We don't pressure ourselves, but try to simply have fun playing music.

Who is the leader?

We don't have a real "band leader". We are self-organized, direct democratic, and perform without a director. All of us undertake some tasks.

How much time must I commit?

We all have other things to do and don't have much time. Still, we meet once a week to play together and also practice at home. Rehearsals take place in Innsbruck each Wednesday at 7pm. Usually you find us at Ing.-Etzel-Straße 32 but if the weather is nice we meet behind the climbing center next to the Sill.

So you're a Musikkapelle?

No, we're not a traditional Musikkapelle, neither are we a big band, a marching band or street musicians in the conventional sense. We're an ACTIVIST STREET BAND such as those already existing in other cities - though in Innsbruck, we are unique!

Then you're a political group?

As an activist street band, we do have a tendency towards actionism and activism. Most important to us, however, are musical interventions and the livening up of the streets!

Kuro Simon

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