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Strafiato 2019 Street band Festival in Innsbruck
Strafiato 2019 Street band Festival in Innsbruck

Urban Brass Band Festival

7 – 10 June • Innsbruck

The First Urban Brass Festival in Innsbruck

The StreetNoise Orchestra invites all of Innsbruck to join us from June 7 - 10 for a long weekend of music, laughing, dancing and partying in Innsbruck. Featuring 7 street bands and over 150 musicians from all over Europe.

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Rome, Italy

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Fiati Sprecati

Florence, Italy

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Masala Brass Kollektiv

Graz, Austria

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Street Noise Orchestra

Innsbruck, Austria

Music in the whole city – all weekend long!

Besides concert evenings at the Treibhaus, we have some nice jamsessions, short-concerts at various points in the city during the day, a parade in the saturday afternoon for you - and also the Nordkette (1905 meters above sea level) will experience a musical wonder. Makes culture and musicians' hearts pound!

Price: Voluntary donations

Funded by Land Tirol, Stadt Innsbruck, iKB, IVB,
               Nordketerbahn, Zipfer, ECI, Town & Country Haus

Festival Program

Friday, June 7, 2019

19:00 - 20:00

Welcome the bands and joint live rehersal


Saturday, June 8, 2019

11:00 - 13:00

Spontaneous street concerts

see locations and bands on the side/below

14:00 - 16:00

Street parade across Innsbruck

Landhausplatz to Waltherpark

16:00 - 18:00

Brass Party in the Park


20:00 - 23:00

Brass Party at Treibhaus

Admission: voluntary donation

Sunday, June 9, 2019

12:00 - 13:00

Concert at the Nordkette & the performance collective "Traveling Eyes – Wild Plants" with Werner Richter

Seegrube, Nordkette

20:00 - 23:00

Brass party at Treibhaus

Admission: voluntary donation

Monday, June 10, 2019

10:00 - 15:00

Picnic jam and farewells in the park



Spontaneous Street Concerts

On Saturday at 10:30 every band will begin to spontaneously play at various locations throughout the city center. See the table below to find the location nearest you or to see your favorite band play. The short concerts aim at reaching out to as many inhabitants and visitors of Innsbruck as possible, and get them excited about our music.

Click the links to view the location in Google Maps.

Street Parade

A colorful street parade by the participating bands and local artists such as people on stilts, jugglers or fire performers will liven up the inner city in a manner never seen or heard before. The procession will lead from the Landhausplatz through the Maria-Theresien-Straße into the old city and past the Golden Roof. From there, the parade will cross the bridge to finally end in the Waltherpark, where the whole event will peak in a fulminant, musical celebration. The early evening hours in the parc will be dedicated to a final rehearsal for the concert at the Nordkette the next day. Through the close cooperation with artistically active performance groups and associations, the parade and the celebration in the Waltherpark will constitute an event of local as well as international street art.

Nordkette Performance

The Nordkette, a landmark of the city of Innsbruck, provides a unique venue that will be integrated into the festival as a local particularity. The cooperation with the Nordkettenbahnen and the tourism association enables us to organize a concert at the Seegrube. This event is supposed to represent the distinctive connection between alpine space and urban lifestyle that Innsbruck is so often associated with.

StreetNoise Orchestra (SNO) has been THE activist street band in Innsbruck and its surroundings since 2014. According to the motto 'Everyone is allowed to make noise outside - we enliven the city and bring groove to the streets', we have established ourselves in the alternative and subcultural scenes.

Ever since, we have been enriching socio-political events (demonstrations, rallies, parades, festivities) with our musically positive mood.

Who are we?

We are groove to take away. Loud & strong. Reinforcers of concerns that are central to life.

We play outside. For everyone. At eye level.

We try to play for a good cause - but are also in need of financial means for internal expenses. We are happy about fair pay and/or hat money.


Upcoming Gigs

Come join us in the streets!


Organic, fair and selfprinted in Innsbruck!

Until our webshop is arranged, you can reach us via e-mail and let us know which item you would like to buy. The design 'SNO 2016' was created by Andrina and Christian.

Help us make more music

Donate online now

Donate via direct banking

Ch. Rauch - StreetNoiseOrchestra
IBAN: DE 0310 0110 0126 2633 7810

Questions? Contact us now!

Want to play outside?

We're always happy about new musicians. You are motivated?

Here's some information for you:

What about the instruments?

Everyone brings his/her own instrument. For committed members, an instrument insurance is provided.

What about the sheet music?

We play according to sheet music that we arrange for our individual capabilities. But we also improvise. Everyone as they wish or can. At gigs, however, we play by heart.

I am not a professional...

We have all enjoyed musical education for a while and master our instruments pretty well. However, we are not professionals! We don't pressure ourselves, but try to simply have fun playing music.

Who is the leader?

We don't have a real "band leader". We are self-organized, direct democratic, and perform without a director. All of us undertake some tasks.

How much time must I commit?

We all have other things to do and don't have much time. Still, we meet once a week to play together and also practice at home. Rehearsals take place in Innsbruck each Wednesday at 7pm. Usually you find us at Junge Talstation but if the weather is nice we meet behind the climbing center next to the Sill.

So you're a Musikkapelle?

No, we're not a traditional Musikkapelle, neither are we a big band, a marching band or street musicians in the conventional sense. We're an ACTIVIST STREET BAND such as those already existing in other cities - though in Innsbruck, we are unique!

Then you're a political group?

As an activist street band, we do have a tendency towards actionism and activism. Most important to us, however, are musical interventions and the livening up of the streets!

chris playing the trumpet
bass drum street noise play

Any questions?

We're happy to hear from you!