Tschufitl Cocek

  • Status: retired
  • Composition Credits: Wolfgan Nocker
  • Arrangement Credits: Wolfgang Nocker (Masala Brass Kollektiv)
  • Last Played: Januar 4th, 2024

Literally means “crow dance”. But do not think of a native American dance or the mating ritual of birds, because “Tschufitl” (i.e. the crow) in this case is a synonym for Death. This southern Austrian piece with pannonic elements and a wistful smile would easily fit the “dia de los muertes”.

But the choice is up to you: Will you dance the main melody along with all the dead - or the heavy interlude with King Death itself?

(Dieses Stück haben wir auf dem Skappanabanda 2018 aufgeschnappt. Dort war es eines der geteilten Stücke des Festivals.)

Sheet Music

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