Tammurriata Nera

  • Status: active
  • Composition Credits: E. A. A. Mario, Edoardo Nicolardi (1944)
  • Arrangement Credits: Banda Degli Ottoni a Scoppio
  • Last Played: Mai 25th, 2024

Here comes a real crossover, mixing elements of Greek rhythm (Tammuriata) with Arabian (Sarracino), Italian (Ritornello) and American (Pistol packin’ Mama) musical influences. The Tammurriata (short for ‘Tamburellata’) is not only some sort of big Tambourine, but is also an old dance with roots in ancient Hellas. Myth has it, that the Greek gods gave this couples-dance to the humans to evoke the illusion of immortality.

In this special case, the song is about the ‘sensation’ of the first black newborn in Naples, mothered by a local girl and fathered by an American GI at the end of WW II. And it ends with the use of the American song “Pistol packin’ Mama” for an Anti war statement:

“Lay that pistol down, Mama, lay that pistol down!” At that time this was clearly addressed to the soldiers, or so the saying goes.

Make Love not War? Fine by us!

Let’s mingle with the girls and boys in the piazza on this lovely warm summer evening!

Sheet Music

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