Kingdom Come

  • Status: active
  • Composition Credits: Souljazz Orchestra
  • Arrangement Credits: Leo R. (SNO)
  • Last Played: Mai 25th, 2024

Disturbed by the social inequalities on this planet and shocked by the ruthlessness of some rulers, one may feel the urge to see a payday, a final judgment day, maybe even an avenger to make them feel the suffering they caused. Hence the majestic air of this tune.


“See, what we have done!

Isn’t it a shame?

‘Twas given in our hands

Look, what it became?

Plastic in the sea

Poison in the air

Witnesses of war:

Bodies everywhere!”

Then the affected silence after the solos, answering the accusation - and the whining of a child starting it anew…

(Lyrics: Sebastian H.)

Arrangement Notes

Solo part 4 times:

  • Three instrumental solos
  • One singing with bass accompaniment


  • fast steps forward

Sheet Music

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