Kids Aren't Alright

  • Status: active
  • Composition Credits: Dexter Holland (The Offspring)
  • Arrangement Credits: Lukas M. (SNO)
  • Last Played: Mai 25th, 2024

Punk goes street brass in this powerful interpretation of Offspring's 90s punk song. Whoever is looking at the growing number of psycho pills prescribed to pupils can only confirm the song title: Performing psychotropic lobotomy on growing brains to fit the school system more and more seems to become the standard - especially in German speaking societies.

β€œAre you - trying to sedate us?
Are you - really gonna drug us?
Tablet - stunned - and doomed to fit the system!!”

Experience the cry for help from the nonconformist children and their relief from pharmacological chains in the Solos!

Arrangement Notes

Solo part happens 3 times total, but there are only 2 real solos:

  1. Basses loud and in front, everyone else crouched down in back
  2. Solo first
  3. Solo second, played loudly over the top through the end

Sheet Music

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