Семь сорок / Der Zug um 07:40

  • Status: active
  • Composition Credits: Traditional
  • Arrangement Credits: Felix R. (SNO)
  • Last Played: Mai 4th, 2024

"The Train at 7:40"

Jewish workers in Odessa around 1900 (see also ‘Odessa Bulgar’) were not allowed to live in the city center. To go to their place of work, they had to catch the steam-engine suburban railway, the renowned train at 7:40. That’s one story.

Another one says, that you had to arrive by train at the harbour of Odessa at 7:40 to able to catch the ship for America.

And the third tells us, that… well, that story is best told by our founder Felix. Seek him out and ask him (he’s the one with the giant saxophone)!

Anyway: When you hear the train whistle, you better be quick and hop on the demo ‘train’, the march is about to begin!

Sheet Music

We'd be happy to share our sheet music for this song! Just get in touch with us orchestra@streetnoise.at

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